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Era Of The Biff Dreamteams.

THIS PAGE HAS A LOT OF GREAT CONTENT - GRAB A BEER or three (even a Resch's Yuck) put on your thinking caps and don't hesitate to get involved.... you just got to love this...

Australian and International Selections of Hardmen.

“We wanted to pick the most feared team God ever put breath into”.
This page is the result of great work and dedication from Jason Buffier and Matt Sullivan. 12 May 2006

Selectors Comments #2

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Quigs here .. Below is more of the correspondence regarding this very important selection process.

Subject: RE: RL Dream Teams

Ok Mr Canberra, a few insights from Mr Penrith:

I have personally observed Terry Wickey go the biff and think he could justify a spot on the bench

Mark Carroll and Mark Geyer were both fairly handy (and dirty) on their day

Have to agree with Dave re the penguin - only thing he was good for was carrying a bag of marbles between his legs whilst sprinting

Matty Goodwin, absolute hard man, cave man looks combined with amazing strength for his size - I was at Leichhardt oval for a Panasonic Cup semi against Balmain in the mid 80's when he took on Blocker and Sirro at the same time. Pretty to watch.

If you are looking for a winger then Les Kiss is your man - complete Cock Sparrow, remember him and Roycey in the in-goal during a Lang Park state of origin?

Greg Dowling - who can forget his stink against the Kiwi's at Lang Park!

Wally Lewis - always giving lip and able to back it up when it really matters (no backward steps against MG)

Mark 'sparkles' McGaw wasn't a dirty player but can recall him going toe to toe on several occasions and seemed to hit the mark on a regular basis

The international team should have a spot for Gary 'the Whiz' Freeman and Olsen Fillipino?

and finally, my all time favourite, Bazza Lennon - absolute crazy man, swung like a machine and never resorted to the squirrel grip like some of his St Dominic's and Cambridge Park team mates
Yours in sport


Jeez Buff, you plumbed the depths to get some of these guys in here. Since when did the Penguin ever throw a punch in anger? Frankly, when did he ever do anything?

I would nominate:

David (Nana/Home Loan) Grant - inaugural Raiders Captain. RIP. Punchy at any opportunity.

Steve Linnane - a gouger, but violent nonetheless.

Hoppa - keen for a touch-up in any way possible.

David Furner - best fighter in the game, along with the Man.

Possibilities: Michael Crocker (if you bump into him in the Beach Palace), plus Chris Walker (bump into him anywhere).

Brendon Tuuta - who can forget him kicking the King in the head?

There is no way John (Joe Cool) Dorahy would be in this list. Not an angry bone in his body. Brett Mullins would be my choice.

And the king of all punchies:

Bob Cooper - Wests, 1982. Longest suspension in league history. Ran 30 metres - two punches, two broken jaws. Ended the careers of Steelers Greg Cook and Lee Pomfret.

And Buff, I hope you have now filled out the timesheet for the day.



From: Robert McDonald)'

Subject: RE: RL Dream Teams

Don’t start Damian or you’ll end up in the time-filling vortex from which Buffier cannot escape – like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it.

More to the point – how do you reckon The Moose, Georgie Piggins, Terry Reagan & Rambo Ronnie feel. Geez you’d just about give Steve Bowden a wing spot in this team (only if Mark Broadhurst gets sent out there with the international team for a rematch of course).


From: Damian

Subject: RE: RL Dream Teams

I think Mark “the Javelin” Bell has been hard done by for a wing spot


Subject: RL Dream Teams


Sullos, Sean & myself embarked on a project last Friday evening to pick a “dream” rugby league team with a certain flavour.

After much deliberation we decided that we needed to pick two teams to play off for the right to play an International XIII.

The attached document represents our third draft team selections.

We are cognisant that the fullbacks appear weak, although we have decided against picking players out of position.

Your erudite & considered suggestions, opinions and nominations would be appreciated prior to the naming of the final teams tomorrow evening (Occidental Hotel @ 5.30pm).

Please only nominate players prepared to throw the first punch.

Jason Buffier

And finally………


A sound analysis indeed.

Please note that players should also be wearing cotton jerseys with collars (not bloody t shirts) and no head gear.

This is page Selectors Comments #2

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