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Title: ... p101 - Ted Goodwin Memories of playing in WA by Rod Fielding, Cooloongup

 looked straight at the lady and said "how come all the ugly ones abuse me"


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Rod Fielding, Cooloongup Western Australia

Brisbane Broncos, Rockingham Sharks in WA



Ted Goodwin was playing for Willagee in the Western Australia RL and this lady on the sideline was calling him all the names under the sun.

As he stuck his head in to lock the scrum the women gave him another mouthful at which he stood up and looked straight at the lady and said "how come all the ugly ones abuse me"

I think the two sides couldn't do anything for a while as they rolled around in laughter and the referee couldn't pack the scrum.

The woman shut up for the rest of the game

Appears in the following pages ....P101_Ted GOODWIN
Date of posting ... 08-May-2006
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