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Title: ... p104 - Edouard Ponsinet (p105) Elie Brousse comments by Lyle Beaton, Gold Coast,

 The two players are still regarded as two of the greatest ever secondrowers and rated as the best by the late George Crawford


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Lyle Beaton, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia




Contents of an Email sent to the Era of the Biff by Lyle Beaton

Your list (The Era of the Biff Heroes and Hardmen) - while quite detailed - seems to avoid naming any French players. I thought I might send you a short note to remedy that situation

The French tour of 1951 is primarily remembered for the flamboyant running style of the French players. And yet the backbone of probably the greatest side of all time was its towering secondrowers, Elie Brousse and Edouard Ponsinet.

The image of Brousse towering over Johnny Bliss, the five time Australian beach sprint champion, is one of the most enduring from that time.

Brousse was knocked out in the third test against Australia in 1951 and yet still turned in one of the most destructive performances ever seen by any forward on the SCG - including scoring a superb try from distance.

Ponsinet was sent off against Other Nationalities in 1949 in the 70th minute after forcing three Other Nationalities players off the field with his devasting, if borderline, tackles.

The two players are still regarded as two of the greatest ever secondrowers and rated as the best by no less a judge than the late George Crawford.

Appears in the following pages ....P104_Edouard PONSINET, P105_Elie BROUSSE
Date of posting ... 02-May-2005
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