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Title: ... p106 - Memories of Puig Aubert and the 51 French Tourist at the SCG - Ron Grant

Re. The 1951 French Rugby League team:

I played in the curtain raiser before the first test in Sydney. My position was five-eighth for Randwick Marist Brothers against Marist Brothers Cambletown. We were the metropolitan champions and they were the country champs. The game finished in a 14 all draw.
It was memorable because we led 14-2 at half time but with a few minutes to play we made a break from our tryline by using the run-around. Our winger was in the clear with no-one to beat but he wasn't very fast. I was supporting him and although I wasn't lightning fast I could easily outpace him. I called for the ball because I could see the opposite winger, who WAS fast blazing across-field.

There were 66,000 people there that day, so you could imaging the roaring noise. Brian, the winger, refused to pass me the ball. I could have made it. He didn't but was tackled 5 yards from the line AND he lost the ball.

A quick play the ball would have seen me score and win. I've never forgiven him.

But,we got to sit inside the fence and watch one of the greatest teams ever, perform their magic.

Puig Aubert was a master against our "Little Master', Churchill. Clive got little support from his wingers so he was outplayed on the day by the Frenchman who was also quite small  in stature,like Churchill. I remember Aubert weighed only 10stone 7lbs or 60kg

The highlights were the way the French threw the ball around and Aubert's general kicking and goal kicking.

You had to be there to really appreciate his genius. Ponsinet and Brousse(?) were the first free-running forwards Australians had ever seen.

Our boys found it too difficult to contain them. Jean Dop (halfback) and Merquery (5/8) were also difficult to handle.  

That was almost sixty years ago and was one of my most memorable moments.  

p106 - Memories of Puig Aubert and the 51 French Tourist at the SCG - Ron Grant

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Date of posting ... 22-Apr-2010
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