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Title: ... p107 - Billy Boston memories and comments by Steve, Nelson, New Zealand

I saw him play for Wigan against my team Hull Kingston Rovers at Craven park


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Steve, Nelson, New Zealand

Hull Kingston Rovers



Billy was a sensation when as an 18 year old he was called up for national service and was posted to Catrick in North Yorkshire. He scored 126 tries in that season and attracted the attention of league scouts. His mother asked for 3000 pounds thinking Wigan wouldn't be interested then but they produced the money and in 1953 Billy signed on for the famous Wigan club. The rest is history.

In his last season I saw him play for Wigan against my team Hull Kingston Rovers at Craven park. He was on the right wing as usual and when he got the ball he was gang tackled by several defenders. In the second half Wigan hot on attack dropped the ball and a HKR player picked it up and sent out a pass to the left. The KR left winger got the ball on the outside of Billy as he had come in to take the center. This winger, Mike Blackmore was no slouch, a former England union trialist, he pinned his ears back and made for the Wigan line.

Billy had to turn around and at his age, 34, and with about 16 stone on board in those days I thought he had no chance. However he too put in the effort and dropped Blackmore like a stone with a copybook tackle around the knees on or around the 25 yard line. I couldn't beleive it, he certainly would have been lethal 10 years earlier.

My favourite story about Billy and there are plenty, was from a Wigan v Saints local derby game. Wigan got away and were heading for a big win. Right on time the ball went to Billy who cut in and made his way up the center of the pitch. Only the Saints full back Austin Rhodes stood between him and the try line. Billy looked like he was going straight so Rhodes went to his left or right, and Billy went through untouched for a try.

Back in the changing rooms the Saints coach gave them the bird and asked Rhodes why he didn't make an attempt to tackle Billy for that last try. Rhodes said, Tackle him, Blimey I only just managed to get out of his way.

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Date of posting ... 03-May-2004
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