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Title: ... p108 - Mark Broadhurst memories of Jets/Sea Eagles final of 81 by Grazmataz

This precise moment would have been an awesome photograph for anyones sports bar or rumpus room.


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My favorite Moment is: Without doubt my favourite moment was when Steve "Head butt" Bowden landed 2 of the most ferocious head butts on Mark "2 black eyes" Broadhurst in the Jets/Sea Eagles final of 81.

I remember watching it on the late night replay with my dad who was totally distressed about Broadhursts facial injuries.

I however as a 10 year old kid thought it was great to see and the camera man at that match deserved 10 out of 10 for following the 2 front row forwards as they paired off and went toe to toe in there own space.

It looked even while the fists were flowing which wasnt surprising seeing Broadhurst was a amatuer boxing champ in NZ and Bowdens first love was boxing and trained alot with a punching bag in hes spare time.

But Bowden was notorious for using hes head in battle situations, being sent off in the previous 2 seasons and also sluggin one on Bob Cooper in a clash against Wests.

The precision timing of Bowdens head butt was perfect. He held nothing back giving Broadhurst the brunt of all the power in hes neck and back.

The result was shattering. The impact could almost be felt in the living room as Broadhursts head whipped back and every bit of sweat flew off the big Kiwis melon.

This precise moment would have been an awesome photograph for anyones sports bar or rumpus room.

Unfortunatly what followed even as a 10 year old didnt please me. When a mans down thats it and although impressed with Bowdens thuggery tactics of putting Broadhurst down, when Bowden continued to lay upper cuts on hes defeated target I became a little disenchanted with Bowden.

Fortunately Broadhursts team mates eventually came to hes rescue but not before Bowden had made a mess of hes other eye with the punching. At this stage Broadhurst was badly bruised under one eye and battered swollen under the other.

If hes face wasnt already a mess, when the dust had cleared the sheer aggression that had possessed Bowden encouraged him to waltz through the huddle of players who had all settled down by this stage and blatenly put Broadhurst down a second time with another head butt in which he delivered and a awesome right hook that collected him also as he was falling to the ground.

Its funny how things work as Bowden was struck in the back of the head by a Terry Randall boot that ended up putting the Manly hardman on crutches for 6 weeks.

Broadhurst amazed me and showed either he was just a complete lunatic or a man of amazing guts as he continued to play on with what must have been reasonable concusion and a face that was almost similar to the elephant man.

Bowden was naturally sent from the field and in the long run suffered the most as he had to sit on the sideline and watch hes team mates run around in the grand final.

He was suspended for 7 weeks which I thought was getting off lightly.

However the entertainment was absolutely splendid.

Appears in the following pages ....P108_Mark BROADHURST
Date of posting ... 17-May-2004
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