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Title: ... p109 - Gavin Miller Comments of GMs Hull KR days by Rob Chadwick, Hull UK -

As a teenager growing up in East Hull to me Gavin Millar was and always will be my hero.


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Rob Chadwick, Hull UK

Hull Kingston Rovers



As somebody who stood on the terraces at Craven Park during the golden era of Hull KR's history i was fortunate to see several brilliant players.

Roger Millward who guided the club to greatness.

Fantastic Kiwi's in the shape of Gary Prohm,Mark Broadhurst and Gordon Smith.

Home grown talent such as George Fairburn and the late great Clive Sullivan.

And local lads like Mike Smith,Phil Lowe,Len Casey etc.

But for my mind the best Rugby League player i have ever seen is Gavin Millar.

He wasnt blessed with great pace but because of his footballing brain and god given talent was one of the most elusive players.

His greatest game in my opionion for the Robins was in the Challenge Cup Semi Final against Leeds in 1986.

Leeds hit Rovers with 2 early tries and then Scrum Half Paul Harkin was sent off for a tripping offence.

I remember fixing my eyes on Gavin Millar,he rolled up his shirt sleeves and then with sheer briliance torn the Leeds defence apart putting Mike Smith in for 2 tries.

The game ended in a 24-24 Draw and The Robins won the replay 17-0.

As a teenager growing up in East Hull to me Gavin Millar was and always
wil be my hero.

Appears in the following pages ....P109_Gavin MILLER
Date of posting ... 02-May-2005
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