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Title: ... p109 - Gavin Miller - Interview with Ian Heads in 1985

1983 on-field was one of my most enjoyable years. Off the field I probably overdid it


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Interview with Ian Heads in 1985

Cronulla Sharks



In an interview with Ian Heads in 1985, Miller said: "1983 on-field was one of my most enjoyable years. Off the field I probably overdid it.

"It was the biggest mistake of my life, getting involved in the financial situation at Cronulla. I feel there is no doubt that it had a detrimental effect on my career. And if I could turn the clock back now there's no way in the world I would get involved again.

"The number of broken promises that year was unbelievable. The club dudded us bad.

"The deal was that we would accept a minimum of 50 per cent of our money, and anything raised above that would be paid directly to the players.

"Putting together all the money accumulated, including $76,000 from the midweek competition, the players could have been paid up around 80 percent of their due money. We didn't see any of it.

"I got a letter that they're going to pay us another 15 per cent... but I haven't seen the colour of their money yet.

"I love Cronulla, and I was shattered when I was told I wasn't wanted there for 1984. I believe Terry Fearnley was behind that decision. I'm sure that he felt that he had created a monster... and there was no way he wanted me.

"It broke my heart when Terry came to me and said: 'There's no deal for 1984.' It hurt me more than anything that has happened in my career.

"I felt I had done so much to help keep the club together.

"I was sacked entirely for what happened off the field. I had played for the state... and got axed.

"Who wants a player that's going to create problems. Every time you picked up a paper that year it seemed you saw my head on the back under a headline like: 'Sharks players revolt'. It got boring. I was the silly idiot who accepted the position as spokesman for the contracted players.

"I gave the club a blast at the AGM... John Quayle was there and he was upset with me... I overdid it."

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Date of posting ... 15-May-2006
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