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Title: ... P109 Gavin Miller, memories of the game Leeds v Hull KR by ref by Ron Campbell- Widnes

Roy Dickenson of Leeds smacked Gavin across the ear well after the ball was gone ........

I reffed Leeds v Hull KR and Gavin was playing great that day.

In two weeks time rovers were playing at Wembley in the cup final.

Roy Dickenson of Leeds smacked Gavin across the ear well after the ball was gone ! Gavin chased him twenty yards to crack him back ! I roared at Gavin to leave it !!

Play stopped and I gave Roy a good telling off !

Called Gavin over and reminded him of the Wembley game soon Told him he would miss it if I sent him off !

He calmed down and played to the end Roger Milward came up and thanked me as we walked off. He had seen what I had done ! Gavin thanked me and told me " Ron I'd have battered the bastard if you hadnt have stopped me I said " I know but you wouldn't be playing at Wembley would you !!

He was a great player and I liked him a lot.

Give it Take it ! Was his motto !

.  (From Quigs: :Roy Dickenson whom is mentioned in Ron's story appears in The Biff Yarn Of The Months ... read his entry)


Appears in the following pages ....P109_Gavin MILLER
Date of posting ... 15-Jun-2012
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