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Title: ... p112 - Mal Meninga fond memories by Wong, Penrith

 That weasel Elias gets the ball from a kick and runs straight into Mal's shoulder


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Wong, Penrith

Newtown Jets

Early 90's


There seem to be heaps of stories about Big Mal from blokes in the Old Dart. Here are two of my favourite memories of the guy when I was a Raiders fan (i.e. before Super League ruined our game).

Early 90s I think and Canberra played Manly in Adelaide or Perth or somewhere else ridiculous. Plenty of talk that Mal was past it (what is it with people in this country writing off champions too soon?). Destroyed them. At one point, was first receiver from a penalty restart. Left a trail of hapless silvertails in his wake. Is there a greater sight in league? Doubt it.

89 Grand Final. That weasel Elias gets the ball from a kick and runs straight into Mal's shoulder. Next movement is arse over tit on his way to the deck. Bloody beautiful. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

Appears in the following pages ....P112_Mal MENINGA
Date of posting ... 24-May-2005
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