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Title: ... p112 - Mal Meninga memories of St helens days by Chris Hill

Meninga kept on delivering, whether setting up a try or scoring.


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Chris Hill, St Helens

St Helens



Missed the 1984 Lancashire Cup Final when Meninga playing for St.Helens destroyed Wigan single handed, I was in Majorca on my hols, but I've watched the highlights on video many times.

Saints just moved the ball to the left hand side and Meninga kept on delivering, whether setting up a try or scoring...Wigan or I doubt anyone could have handled him that day.

His first try was a quick dummy half move from 5yds out, he threw a dummy and reached over, the next team try saw Paul Round break through due to the attention placed on Meninga, gaps were appearing. Round was dragged down yards from the line and a quick play the ball saw Roy Haggerty blast onto the ball to put Saints up 12-2.

Then Meninga took full control. The ball was passed swiftly to the left and on the burst with ball tucked under his left arm he proceeded to hand David Stephenson off with his right hand, switched the ball under his right arm and handed off John Ferguson with his left hand and passed the ball out to the winger Sean Day another conversion made it 18-2.

Then came the try of the match, ball out to Meningas side he collects the ball on the burst again and is met by a hopeful 'Mark Cannon' with outstretched arms - Meninga hands him off right in the 'mush' and its left to a little weedy 17 yr old Shaun Edwards at full back to stop a charging Rhino...using the same hand he drills Edwards into the turf and dives over for a 60yd one man exhibition try that I have never seen surpassed yet for sheer power....the guy was a god !!!

Wigan came back in the second half but St.Helens were just too far ahead because of one great man - Mal Meninga....

Appears in the following pages ....P112_Mal MENINGA
Date of posting ... 01-May-2006
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