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Title: ... p114 - Jim Drake - Comments by Kevin Warters - York

Its just to elebotate on the Drake incident in the changing room !
my father Peter Warters played in the Hull A team and a few 1st team games but was very good friends ...and still is with the Drakes

i remember being told some of the story . I believe he followed the player into his changing room after they both got sent off and the fight carried on , then Drake got hold of a rugby boot and took it to the other guys head smashing him up quite badly.

i believe that could have something to do with the 10 match ban !! Wish i could eleborate more maybe this will jog some memories ?

p114 -  Jim Drake - Comments by Kevin Warters - York

Appears in the following pages ....P114_Jim DRAKE
Date of posting ... 25-Nov-2010
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