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Title: ... p118 - Frank Foster Comments Memories by Mally Lucas, Hull

Mervin Hicks who decided to punch him in the head


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Mally Lucas, Hull




Talking about hardmen this man was one of English RL's artists

Remember his playing against StHelens in the play offs . Frank was taking the ballup when was confronted by Mervin Hicks who decided to punch him in the head he just shook his head and stood up and cracked big Merv who incidently was head and shoulders bigger than Frank but he soon found out that Frank was the bigger man.

They both were sent off for fighting

In another incident at the old Craven Park HKR were playing Huddersfield they had a Prop called Ian Van Bellen who was a very big man. A scrum was taking place on the Hudd 25yd line when all hell broke loose Van Bellen confronted Frank who immediately dispatched him to the grass and he jouned his fellow forward Anderson who was also grounded other pack members decided to retreat with Van Bellen who had decide he was not about to try again.

I was recentley in Barrow with my East Hull team and was informed that Frank at 65yrs of age dispatched a mugger in the lacal supermarket. Good on yer Frank Nice to read about these great blokes on your website

Incidently just watched DVD of 25yrs of State of Origin. nice to have seen Good Old Artie and Choppy Close doing a little bit . I have had the priveledge of metting these two great blokes.

Yours In Rugby League

Mally Lucas

PS Just seen a picture of Keith Gittoes on the Harbour Bridge on his 80th birthday I remember Keith he was one of the pioneers of Ausie players coming to Hull

Appears in the following pages ....P118_Frank FOSTER
Date of posting ... 06-Jun-2006
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