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Title: ... p26 - Noel Kelly - Noel Kelly on repeated scrum infringements.

There were times when the league told the refs to put a blitz on scrums and then we hookers knew we were in trouble


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Noel Kelly on repeated scrum infringements..

western Suburbs, North Sydney Bears



courtesy of Tony Adams great book The Hitmen - A tribute to League's tough guys.

Kelly admits he regarded getting sent off as an occupational hazard.

"I got marched a lot I suppose but I never lost any sleep over it. I played it hard and once you've got a reputation they go looking for you. There were plenty of games when the refs couldn't unload me quickly enough. I may have been sent off 15 times but maybe half to them were for alleged repeated scrum infringements. What a joke that was. When a ref got sick of you, he'd just "tip-toe" you and there was nothing you could do about it.

"There were times when the league told the refs to put a blitz on scrums and then we hookers knew we were in trouble. One day when we played Balmain I met their hooker Dick Wilson at the gate on the way onto the field. We'd both read in teh paper that day that the blitz would be on.

"As we ran onto the field I said to Dickie; "I think we're going to be having an early shower today if we're not careful. What are we going to do about this?"

He replied, "What about if we both keep our feet back (in the scrums) and let them sort it out for themselves..'


"It sounded a good plan. 'That'll do me, I said as we took up our positions for the kick off. We both stuck to our word but it didn't do us much good. After a handful of scrums the referee dismissed us both ... for repeated scrum infringements! We watched the game from the grandstand.

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Date of posting ... 19-Jun-2006
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