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Title: ... p40 - Les Davidson cleaning up a couple of pesky Saints Players - by Quigs

Les retaliated to this barrage by landing one sharp punch to the Saints player knocking him cold.


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Quigs - the webmaster


Early 90's


Les was one of the players that I really enjoyed watching go around the paddock. I would of loved to see Les playing in the era some 10 to 15 years earlier than he did.

Les did not cop fools to well on the field and was very handy with his hands. He was usually very closely watched by the men with the whistle.

I remember watching one game, it was between Cronulla and their "little brothers" St George. It was a TV game.

Les had tackled, and fairly tackled a Saints forward and stood up as you do to mark the tackled player at the play the ball. The tackled St George forward got to his feet and with the ball still locked up under one hand started punching Les about the head with his free hand. (Stupid thing to do I'd say) Les looked in the direction of the Ref as to say what do I do, as this player kept throwing punches.

Les retaliated to this barrage by landing one sharp punch to the Saints player knocking him cold. As the linesman was sprinting in another Saints player ran about 10 metres and started throwing punches at Les again. (another stupid act I'd say) Les took some defensive posturing but let fly in defence with another cracker of a blow and down went the second Saints player like an elevator.

Les stood his ground and was now standing over two maggoted saints players who were both prone on the deck. The Linesman arrived as the ref arrived and Les just sort of gestured, "it wasn't my fault" and the ref agreed penalising the first prone Saints player for starting it.

(I would love to hear some stories about Les when he was playing with the Mighty Souths)

FROM QUIGS 1/10/2004..... The information posted below arrived at Team Era on the 1/10/04 from an anon reliable source,

"The story on Les Davidson and St George was in 1994 and the first player dropped was the rooster Brad Mackay, probably the 1st and last punch he ever threw and the 2nd player was Wayne "Snoopy" Collins "

Appears in the following pages ....P40_Les DAVIDSON
Date of posting ... 02-Jun-2003
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