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Title: ... p43 Les Boyd - memories of playing against LB by Keith Mason Dewsberry UK--

My lasting image of him was him flying out of the line to take my head off.-


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Keith Mason. Dewsberry UK




Back in the 80s i played for Dewsbury and Hunslet in the UK,it was then when i crossed swords with Les,i my self was a Frontrower, there was one particular match that was played at Wilderspool.

i was playing for my home town team Dewsbury, we had just been promoted to the top division, at the time Warrington were riding high in the league and they had a quality team and an awesome pack of forwards.

There front row was Boyd, Tamati, and jackson, with Rathbone Gregory in there aswell.

But the highlight of the game was me and Boyd at one another for 80mins, we belted the crap out each other for 80 mins until mr Allatt the ref sent us to the sin bin for the last 10 mins of the game.

We became friends after that game out of respect for each other.

We played against each other a few more occasions but things were still as fierce.

Les was a Aussie legend at the time and i was we call just a straight up and downer, but i think i left my mark on les.

I tried to catch up with him over here in the UK recently but missed him.

My lasting image of him was him flying out of the line to take my head off.

People say that he was a dirty player. My take on it is he was a tough hard no nonsense player who would give it and take it.

The Aussies dont have an enforcer like les any more and it a dam good job.

All the best Keith.

Appears in the following pages ....P43_Les BOYD
Date of posting ... 23-Jun-2005
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