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Title: ... p52 - John Donnelly-Memories of Dallas and his short stint in the UK.. by Sara Threadgold Essex.

i was about 8 years old when my dad introduced me to "Dallas" and Tania.


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Sara Threadgold, Southend, Essex UK




My memories are over 20 years old so i might be a bit rusty!! i was about 8 years old when my dad introduced me to "Dallas" and Tania, and i remember this huge guy in a flowery shirt, tall as a house with the biggest head id ever seen!

hed come over to England with a few freinds to play rugby, from that moment i saw him i loved him, they used to come to our house almost every weekend, i laughed at some of ur stories about Dal and his food, i remember him eating raw potatoes out of a saucepan!! and for a big guy he was petrified of our two Alsatians, he would always stay behind tania, if the dogs where in the house!

i also remembering on our local feild, playing rugby with all of the kids, they all loved him.

i remember when dallas and tania left for Australia, my family missd them both so much. not long after they returned dallas sadly passed away, which left many people from all different countries, including me and mine completely devestated.

my experience of dallas maybe vaige, but as we all would agree long or short time, dallas without a doubt will stay in our hearts forever..god bless.xxxxxxx

im so glad we now have somewhere, where we can say our last goodbyes, sending our love to the family

Tania if u read this please get in contact. ive tried to find you, sab197725@aol.com

Appears in the following pages ....P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 28-Oct-2005
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