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Title: ... p52 - Memories of Dallas and the local Pizza Shop - from the Police Officer that attended. by Dave D

We received a call one night that a large male had ripped a table from its bolted down fitting of a pizza shop


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Dave Dundas, Tamworth

Western Suburbs Magpies



Just a few stories on the great Dallas Donnelly, I like Gary Worrell played with the Royal Sheaf Hotel in the West Juniors in the mid to late 70's.

Would be great to hear from Gary again. 

I was a Police Officer at the time whilst at Wests and stationed at Burwood Police Station.  We received a call one night that a large male had ripped a table from its bolted down fitting of a pizza shop in Burwood Road.  I attended and observed that the large male in question was one Dallas Donnelly, my partner at the time stated to S*it bricks when he saw Dallas, little did he know that I had been a drinking partner of Dallas on numerous occassions with another legend of that time, Geoff Foster (also a Police Officer). 

We conveyed Dallas back to the Police station and after my partner had cleaned himself up, Dallas was allowed to go, as the Pizza Shop owner decided against taking action, he made a lot of money out of Dallas. 

The first time I met Dallas was the night that Wests won the AMCO Cup a mid week competition, I think it was either 1977 or 1978, Geoff Foster invited me to have celebratory drinks with the players at West League Club and when I walked in there I was gobsmacked, I was in a shout with Tommy Raudonikis, Graeme O'Grady, Dallas, John Dorahy, Geoff Foster and the rest of the team (A young westie supporters greatest moment)

Dallas a great, fun, jolly bloke who would lend you his last quid.

Appears in the following pages ....P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 26-Jun-2008
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