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Title: ... p52 - Memories of Dallas from his boyhood days back in Gunnedah, by Mark Conley

Each of us (14 year/olds) had a turn at jumping the backfence and pinching some fruit.


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Mark Conley, Canberra ACT

Cronulla Sharks



Having read the other entries and laughed myself stupid i can only add that i had the pleasure of knowing johnny at school, Gunnedah High.

John, like all Gunnedah Donnelly's were natural's (Brian and Terry (Qld rep), two of his cousins, never saw Garry or Mick play, his uncle played for Newtown Bluebags ~1954).

His mates in Gunnedah would have many a story, my contribution ... i went on a few "training runs" with John, Terry and co. These were held at night and included laneways that ran between the backyards of many Gunnedah blocks. These 'runs' were held at the same time of year as when the fruit on the many fruit trees in the backyards were ready for picking.

Each of us (14 year/olds) had a turn at jumping the backfence and pinching some fruit.

It was Terry's turn ... he jumped the fence and steathily approached the plum tree near the back door ... as he started to grab the fruit, Johnny started to yell "thief, thief" ... Terry dropped the fruit, sprinted to us at the back fence and started to leap over, to be met halfway by John, who prevented him from getting off the top of the fence ... meanwhile the back light had come on, a man with what appeared to be a golf club in hand started to approach us, johnny still holding terry on the wrong side of the fence and yelling.

At the last moment johnny, and the rest of us, sprinted away ... Terry with the sudden loss of resistance, CRASHED to the ground with a almighty thump, then joined us up the lane ... terry and johnny collapsed on the ground laughing so much ... JOHN DONNELLY, a one and only

Appears in the following pages ....P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 24-Jul-2007
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