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Title: ... p52 - Memories of Dallas - growing up in Lidcombe.. by Aggro

Dallas had moved in up the road from my place, into Rod Taylor's (the movie actor) old house.


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Aggro - Lidcombe

Mighty Magpies



As a young lad growing up in the heart of the Western Suburbs, I had the chance to regularly bump into the likes of John Dorahy (at his butcher shop), Tommy Raudonikis, and everyones local hero, Dallas Donnelly.

Dallas had moved in up the road from my place, into Rod Taylor's (the movie actor) old house.

Dallas would often bum a ride with me into town (the 300 metre walk was way too much for either of us!), and the old saying "thighs like trunks of oak" must have been written with him in mind.

Dallas had always enjoyed a drink or two, and like the rest of us, liked to play up a little (no harm ever intended). Occasionally the boys from Wests would get a week or two's "rest" from one of the local drinking holes after playing a bit hard (I've heard Dallas got barred from the old Roony's Pub in Lidcombe after swinging from the lights!).

However, there was only one person in town that the boys were afraid of, and that was Ma Bishop, who used to work at the Railway Hotel. If there was any trouble, she would put them, including Dallas, in their place quick smart.

As many of the other stories have indicated, Dallas was a true gentleman, and always had time to chat with the kids, including me.

His sudden death was a huge shock to all who lived in Lidcombe, and I imagine that he will be in good company now with the recently deceased Steve Rogers.

Appears in the following pages ....P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 12-Jan-2006
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