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Title: ... p52 - tell mum DALLAS said its ok, Memories of an 8 year old kid named Julian.

Id hide my bike and crawl through the fence to watch a day of great footy..


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Western Suburbs Magpies



I remember being 8 years old in 1981,and sneaking down to lidcombe oval,following the crowd and the roar of the already capacity crowd following the lower grades before 1sts ran on.I lived in Auburn,near where the now mosque is built,and would do this dissapearing act every odd sunday at about 11am.Id hide my bike up behind the big palm tree,and crawl through the fence to watch a day of great footy.

One day Wests had an open day or footy fair,I was 9 by now and mum had found out my goings on,in particular,the hole in the fence trick.I got to the footy fair and back then the players and kids were free reign.

I was in the change rooms having a good snoop around, when Dallas with a booming voice said hoy, what are you up to mate. Of course I jumped 6 feet of the gound an appologised,for what i dont know,but back then kids had manners.

I got to talking with dallas,and he showed me around for a minute or so,then I said,"mum doesnt let me come to the games no more",and ill never forget this,he simply said,"tell mum DALLAS said its ok".I got a rough up on the top of the head,as he walked off,and I was then an even more devoted magpie fan and subject of dallas.

Nothing else mattered,except getting to those games,what ever excuse,what ever means.

Great memories and just lucky to have an experience like that with such a legend.Bring back wests in the nrl.

Appears in the following pages ....P52_John DONNELLY
Date of posting ... 06-Aug-2008
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