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Title: ... p62 Johnny Raper take 62 Grand Final - (p117) Wilson decks West's Jim Cody after Cody had flattened

The infamous incident during the 1962 Grand Final - Wilson decks West's Jim Cody


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From Tony Adams great Rugby League Book - The Hitmen.
The infamous incident during the 1962 Grand Final - Wilson decks West's Jim Cody after Cody had flattened Saints Norm Provan.


1962 Grand Final


courtesy of Tony Adams great book The Hitmen - A tribute to League's tough guys.

In 1962 Saints found themselves once more opposed to the Magpies in the Season finale. This was a match in which Billy Wilson was involved in one of leagues most infamous incidents. Saints five eight that day, Johnny Raper, takes up the story.

"Wests prop Jim Cody flattened our skipper Norm Provan and we were far from impressed as Norm was carried off on a stretcher. The mood was fairly ugly in the dressing rooms at halftime, as "sticks" lay there dazed in the corner. Plenty of blokes were talking about get squares. But Billy, who had taken over as captain, suddenly jumped to his feet and made it clear there would be none of that.

"I know you blokes are all fired up after what happened to 'Sticks' (Provan) but I don't want you to go out there and look to get even with them. This is a grand final and we'll win it for sure if we keep level heads. I don't want to see any of you blokes throwing a punch - let's just go back out there and play football."


"I was still a young bloke at the time and it sounded like good advice to me and besides, I learned early in life not to argue with a bloke like Bluey Wilson. We ran back on the field with our thoughts on nothing other then playing football and no sooner had we kicked off then I saw Jim Cody flat on his back, apparently Bluey had hit him with the best left hook you'd ever want to see. Cody was carried off and Bluey was waved straight off by referee Jack Bradley. He gave us a wink and said, "I'll see you all for victory drinks in the Members Bar after the game."

"Luckily we hung on to win 9-6."

Years later, Wilson claimed he only realised after he'd decked Cody that it was the same player who had earlier dispatched Provan. "It wasn't intentional," Wilson said, "I didn't know who it was but Saints still had to battle through with only 12 men."

Appears in the following pages ....P117_Billy WILSON, P62_Johnny RAPER, P83_Norm PROVAN
Date of posting ... 21-May-2006
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