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Title: ... p81 - Kurt Sorensen comment and memories on Kurt by STE, Widnes

The great man did return and so did the glory times for Widnes R.L.F.C.


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STE, Widnes




King Kurt Sorensen, Never seen him have a bad game for Widnes.He came over to England in 1985 after Widnes had won at Wembley the season before.

Kurt then returned home after 1 season, with his wife who was pregnant, and there was a doubt about whether he would return.

The great man did return and so did the glory times for Widnes R.L.F.C.

When he came over to Britain, Kurt had never won any domestic honours in his career, but retired with over a dozen medals to his name.

His greatest wish was to play at Wembley and was denied at the semi-final stage so many times until, 1993 he got his wish in what was his last ever game for the Chemics as they were known then.

3 things that i remember most about King Kurt was that he is a gentleman off the pitch , Wigan made a big offer for him before Widnes became successful, but he decided to stay, and an incident in a derby match against the Chemics bitter rivals Warrington about 1988.

The Widnes Winger Offiah got a high shot by his opposite wing Drummond, which caused the players from both teams to run over and have a bit of a push and shove. As things were calming down Kurt winked at Les Boyd who was in the Wire side, walked over to him, and punched him clean on the nose, whitch resulted in a mass brawl.

Players like Kurt Sorensen are legends and will always be remembered as one in Widnes.

Appears in the following pages ....P81_Kurt SORENSEN
Date of posting ... 12-May-2004
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