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Title: ... p81 - Kurt Sorensen comment on Kurt told by Roy Haggerty to Mark Topping, Cumbria

In fact he admired Kurt so much that he named his son after him.


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Mark Topping, Cumbria England




Unfortunately I never got to see Karalius & Mills play live but some of the old video footage was frightening to watch. It makes some of todays so called hard men look like ballet dancers.

Years ago when I was a student I had a summer job working for a building company owned by former Saints & GB hooker Eddie Cunningham (elder brother of Keiron). As most players were amateur back then quite a few current & ex players worked for the company during the week including former international Tommy Cunningham & the then current Saints & GB player Roy Haggerty.

Roy really was what you would call a hard man and on more than 1 occasion left opponents flat out (usually with an illegal punch or 2). Roy claimed the the hardest players he ever played with were GB duo Andy Platt & Chris Arkwright, and the hardest opponent he ever played against was Kurt Sorenson. In fact he admired Kurt so much that he named his son after him.

Interestingly though he said some players liked to portray a hard man image but where nowhere to be seen when it actually kicked off. One of these he said was Wigan prop Kelvin Skerrett. There was 1 story Roy liked to tell where it all kicked off with players running in from all over, Skerrett ran up to him & started to punch Roy in the head. Roy just stood there & took about 4 or 5 blows to the head, grabbed Skerrett by the throat, punched him once in the face and left him spark out on the floor.

Hope you find these little stories amusing, Regards Mark

Appears in the following pages ....P81_Kurt SORENSEN
Date of posting ... 10-May-2004
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