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Title: ... p97 - Ken Thornett (p100)Dick Thornett -Parra plays visiting Poms by Twizzle

All of a sudden I heard this huge roar, from the vicinity of Cumberland Oval. Curiosity got the better of us


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I remember coming out of school the old Parra Marist, a roar from Cumberland Oval.

Waiting (or doing our homework) at the bustop, which was right outside the school yard. It was a Wednesday afternoon, about mid sixties, I think.

All of a sudden I heard this huge roar, from the vicinity of Cumberland Oval. Curiosity got the better of us, so we ran up the street to see what all the noise was about.

It was Cumberland Oval, full to the brim and overflowing.

It was traditional, back then for the touring pommie team to play the top team on the ladder, as a warm up game to the Ashes.

Although it was mid sixties, and the era of the dragon, it was also the era of "the mayor" (Ken Thornett).

A lot of leople said that the Eels were a one man team, they has just beaten the dragons a few round before hand, 29-16. The mayor had a blinder. As such, they now sat on top of the ladder, the maggies in third spot.

We could not get into Cumberland Oval, not to mention the fact that we would have missed the school bus.

When we got home we heard on the news that night that Parra had beaten the pommies, 39-18. Apparently our forwards won the game for us, Ron Lynch, Dick Thornett, and Brain Hambley

First the dragons, then the pomms, we could beat anyone.

Later that year the mayor was injured and we lost the major semi and the elimination semi, and did not even make it to the GF.

Saints beat the Magpies in a low scoring game. I remmember the magpies had two of the hardest heads that I've ever seen play the game. Noel "Ned" Kelly and Peter Diamond. Always played their best against the pommes.

Appears in the following pages ....P100_Dick Thornett, P97_Ken Thornett
Date of posting ... 05-May-2003
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