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fm002 How things can come back to haunt you (1979) Player involved Reg Nolte playing for Narooma Reserve Grade in Group 16

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In 1978 I had transferred out of Sydney and had moved to a piece of paradise called Narooma, on the far south coast of New South Wales. Incidentally congratulations to the mighty Narooma Devils of 2003 for winning the Claytons Shield, (the best country side in NSW) and the Group 16 Premiership..

In 1979 I decided to make another comeback, one of about 5 before I did finally hang up the boots. I was appointed Captain Coach of the Devils Reserve Grade.

One particular game we played at Tathra, which is a magical part of the coast and just south of Bega.

We were in the sheds getting ready to play and I had an old front rower in my team by the name of Reg Nolte. Reg was not the most skillful player but he always gave a 100% and he loved a blue. In those days, and in Reserve Grade, most of us did.

Reg Nolte playing for the Narooma Devils 1979
Reg playing for the Devils 1979

Reg was telling me a yarn about a previous time he had played against Tathra some years earlier when an all in erupted and all players were involved in the brawl. As Reg stated the fight was calming down when out of the blue the little halfback king hit Reg and took off towards the eastern end of the ground. Reg took off in hot pursuit and chased the little bugger through the eastern goalposts, out of the ground and down the main street to where the tathra pub is located. A good klm from the ground. He finally gave up the chase and returned to the ground.

Reg was in hysterics about this incident and I found it humorous too.

When it was time to run out onto the field to play, Reg as was his habit, always followed me out to the centre. As we were running out for the kickoff and nearing the centre of the field Reg said to me, "Hey you remember that little bugger of a halfback I was telling you about?" I said, "yeah, why" or words to that effect. Reg just said, "Don't look now but the bastard is refereeing us".

When we got to the kickoff spot Reg just smiled at the ref and said something like, " You want to watch it, I won't stop chasing you this time you bastard" and they both just started laughing.

We did get a good run from the ref that day......


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