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fm14 - Tribute to James Lowes, Bradford Hardman - Last game for Bradford from Greg Milner, Bradford.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012
Greg Milner
Bradford .. is the club I follow

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In this day and age there's not many hard men of the game like they once was! I'd like to put forward a nomination, a player who for the last 8 years as been hated by opposition fans and no doubt players of the british game.

That man is James Lowes, he came to Bradford in 1995 from Leeds, who thought he was finished as a player, Brian Smith (think he went to St George after he left us) didn't think so and promptly brought him the 7 miles over to Odsal. Promising the number 9 spot to Jimmy, he couldn't say no!

In that time at Odsal he become a legend to the Bulls fans and fast become my favourite player, he had one problem though, he couldn't stop cracking people! that's if he didn't think the referee was doing his job right. But the Bulls management stuck by him and in 1997 he became the first Bradford player to win the man of steel award in years!

He became without doubt in my mind one of the main reasons why Bradford are the most dominant team in club "rugby". he capped off his last year as a player at the top! helping Bradford win the Challenge Cup, League winners shield and the Grand Final where he lived up to his reputation and cracked Wigan's biggest threat early on, Brian Carney didn't know what day it was and subsequently we saw nothing really of him for the rest of the game, as well as finishing off with one of his trade mark tries from dummy half!

Jimmy scoring one of his trademark tries during the 2003 Grand Final
Pic supplied by Greg

However, the memories i will take with me from the 2003 season was when we played Leeds at odsal, He got sin binned for protesting to the referee a little too vigeraslee, in front of the thousands of leeds faithful, they starting having ago but Jimmy gave them an up yours, before he went off, an absolute classic which brought huge cheers from all the bradford fans!

But to realise what effection the Bradford fans had for Jimmy was shown the second time we played leeds at odsal last season, it was his final game against the old enemy which we had won again (whispers 5 games won against leeds last season) so Bradford decided to give him a send off he wouldn't forget they was 20 odd thousand at that match, and apart from the leeds fans who left (with we all hate leeds taken from their song we all love leeds ringing in their ear) everybody stayed behind to offer their thanks to one of the greatest and hardest players of his generation!

Thanks for the memories Jimmy!

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