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fm001 - Watching the 1975 Grand Final on the famous old SCG hill. by Quigs

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Monday, May 14, 2012

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Emu Park


I went to the 1975 Grand Final with my wife, several work mates and their wives and a couple of people who were friends of my workmates. In all there was a group of about 14 of us. We went early to watch the lower grade grand finals and sat ourselves down on the grass of the famous SCG Hill just down infront of the scoreboard. (which is the background image of this website)

One of the guys that went with us was a friend of my workmate Artie. The guys name was Terry and he drove a Cement Truck. He was a man mountain of a guy and very intimidating to those who obviously did not know him. That day was the first time I met Terry and his wife / girlfriend.

We had been at the game for about thirty minutes and as they did in those days, some idiots started throwing cans of beer at the spectators at the front of the hill near the white picket fencing. This practice always gave me the shits as the cowards would cringe when the victim turned around and called them on.

The can showers were starting to pick up in tempo where we were sitting and our collective tempers were starting to rise to. More in concern for the females who were with us. Terry in particular was getting shitty and happened to turn around just as this dickhead directly behind us stood up and was ready to let fly with a full can.

Terry being the size he was, just stood up from his sitting position and as he rose he clutched the dickhead by the throat and lifted him up as he got to his feet. By the time he was upright the dickheads feet were off the ground --- just like you see in the horror movies.

He told the prick that he and his wife had come to the footy to watch the game and not get hit by beercans thrown by cretins. Further more if he or his wife / girlfriend, or his friends, indicating our group seated on the hill were to be hit by a can he would personally hold this fool to account.

Well for the rest of the grandfinal afternoon not one can came anywhere near us as the dickhead was facing back into the hill crowd and anything that looked like coming our way was stopped soccer goal keeper fashion by the dickhead.

I know for a fact that there was one person at that ground that day that did not watch the grand final action.


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