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fm104 - Memories of the Moose - Rex Mossop, old League Hardman and famous RL Commentator.

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Thursday, May 17, 2012
Rabs -
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(not really any one Fave Moments but several).....

Dear EOTB crew, I wish to nominate a bloke who I reckon should be given a bit of covereage or respect:

REX MOSSOP - former Manly Warringah Hardman and former Rugby League Commentator.

Referee Darcy Lawler cautions Bath and Manly's Rex Mossop during the 59 GF. Both players were later sent off.

I cant believe Rex isnt on the "hardmen" page!!! We all know Rex liked the biffo - even when dishing it out to poor old Barry Ross (thanks Vossy) , Alan Clarkson & co esp on "controversy corner" of a Sunday morning.

I'd like to nominate Rex more for this show as I missed out on his career as a player/dual intl.

Manlys Rex Mossop gets a work over from Wests ,Nev Charlton in 1958, surrounded by the Wests pack including Kel O'Shea(behind Charlton) and far right Darcy Russell

Controversy Corner was a staple of each Sunday: be it the Comm Bank "pass the ball" the chat & interviews & the guests walking away with a ham from Meapro, a Pelaco shirt, Patra orange Juice & a sauna vouchure - courtesy of Ferris Ashton!

Surely some other like minded types can get take the ball up after this kick=off for the Moose!!!

Best regards,


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