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fm111 - Memories of two Leigh Legends, Aussie Trevor Allan and Jimmy Ledgard, both sadly no longer with us

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spud Yates,
Leigh Lancs Country:
LEIGH.. is the club I follow



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In the pest week we here at Leigh have heard the sad news of the passing of two heroes, naely our favoutite Aussie, Trevor Allan and our Favourite Yorkshireman, Jimmy Ledgard. Both were outstanding players and for those of my age group true heroes. J.L. could back heel the ball over the sticks from 25 yards (or so we belived). He was the world's best full back and at£1750-00 the costliest player ever. Trevor Allan, a centre who could catch pidgeons and run through walls spent two years with us, such was his impact that we oldies used him as our yardstick, to be rated as "nearly as good as Trev", was praise indeed and a sign of true quality. Now as we mourn their loss, we who remember can still think back and smile as we replay our favourite moments from their time with us. Thanks fellers, we miss you, just be ready to play when it's my turn, and make sure that you're both wearing the Cherry and white hoops of the team we love to cheer. .


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