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fm112 - Memories of Keith Gittoes an Aussie Playing for HULL in the 50's.

Posted by... Jeff Quigley - on ... Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keith Gittoes,
Balmain Tigers and Hull.. is the club I follow



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I played for Hull from 1948 to 1952 and 1956 to 1957.

In the intervening 3 years I returned to Australia and played for Sydney Club, St. George, and later coached in country NSW at Barmedman being involved in the Maher Cup Competition.

When I arrived in Hull in September, 1948, George Watt was Club Captain, he came to Hull, with Bruce Ryan, in early 1947 after playing for Australia against Great Britain in 1946 in Australia. He was a great hooker, and I suppose he could be described as a personality; he lived life to the full. He still lives in Hull - he lost his wife 2 years ago, and his own health is not very good. My wife and I visited him last September.

Also with Hull in 1948 were the great Hull stalwarts, Freddie Miller and Charlie Booth; both played for England pre-war. Freddie Miller is probably the best kicker of a football I've ever seen. I'll never forget his attempt at a field goal at Batley, from his own 25-yard line, passing by the right upright with plenty of height. His success with Featherstone was based on his all-round kicking ability.

It was with players of the quality John Whiteley, Colin Hutton, Ivor Watts, Mick Scott, Tommy Harris, Bryan Cooper, Bernard Conway, the Drake boys, that Hull started to make its presence felt.

I have great memories of my time in England and every day I give a thought to Cec.(Dickie) Fifield who signed me up for Hull.


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