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fm115 - memories of the 63 GF - going with Dad by Lawrence Walker

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back in the 70's Geoff Foster flew under the radar a bit but he was a big favourite with me and the Lidcombe faithful. He actually made tackling really exciting and entertaining. Like he just seemed to absolutely relish the hunt, and chase his man down and throw him around.

Most people say they like to see the runing and passing. But you had to love watching Geoff Foster play in defence like he was just loving every second.

My story is one I'm hoping your readers might help with.

My Dad's passed away now but when I was about 13 we went to the SCG to watch our beloved Maggies in the Grand Final against St George. Of course it was the infamous Mud Bath (MBGF) and the st George player slides in the tackle, and instead of playing the ball just gets up and runs on to score a try.

Right under our noses in the crowd. So we went home pretty depressed.

Anyway, decades later I saw a late night show on ABC about Cinesound Newsreels and they're showing the crowd at the MBGF and you guessed it, there's shots of me and Dad with his felt trilby shouting our heads off in the crowd above the white fence.

I was at Dad's place and I thought of running back to wake him up, but you know, by the time he'd of got out of bed, but blow me down if we weren't on it again and again.

I've tried to track that footage down but can't find it anywhere. It'd make a great little souvenir for me and a great Dad who used to take me to the Boxing and Wrestling at The Stadium and all the big events of those days.

(see this link for match highlights - Thats' League in the 60's - [Quigs "I belive Lawrence's highlights appear around the 9.40minute mark)

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