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int01 - Questions for Changa Langlands from fans from the great "Saints Immortals" website

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, June 02, 2012


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From the website
Extract from a section titled
"Ask Changa"
Questions from fans put to
Living Legend Changa Langlands.


Extract of questions put to the "man" by fans.

Brent and Anthony
Why has the game changed over the last 10 years?


The game has changed over the last 10 years naturally because of the rules. One thing that a lot of ex-players, like myself, feel unhappy about is that the people who change the rules have never asked ex players, or even any of the players who are playing today. I think that they should discuss any changes with a few of those who have played or are playing the game.

Brent and Anthony

In your opinion, who do you think in the last 25 years, has played the best for his team?


The last 25 years I would say Wally Lewis, Bobby Fulton, Arthur Beetson and Mick Cronin.

Peter and Bashir

Who is the best player in the game? Why?


I think Brad Fittler is the best in the game today because he can read the game.


Should video referee's rule on forward passes?


No. I do not think that the video refs should rule on a forward pass. You have the referee and the two linesmen, one on either side, and they are supposed to be helping the referee. There are three of them there on the paddock, so I do not see why you should have to use the video referee.


Who do you think are the best 3 players in the world and in history? [apart from you]


I will only keep them to Australia—Raper, Gasnier and Fulton .


Do you know where or what Johnny King is doing these days?

He is managing a football club in the Newcastle area and going well. He was a terrific footballer and scored some great tries. I remember the try he scored in the grand final in 1964. It was at the Randwick end of the Sydney Cricket Ground and turned the game for us and we beat Balmain.

No name included
I was asked the other night at Canterbury races if I had ever seen Todman race - I hadn't been born yet.
I was then asked if I had seen Bradman bat? Had I seen Phar Lap race" I hadn't.
Years ago I had a single called 'Changa' I cannot record who sang it. Do you know of it? Do you know where I could get a copy of it?

Yeah I remember it. Rugby League Week had some sort of contest in the '70s. A bloke by the name of Jimmy Hannon recorded it for RCA and it was called 'Chang the Magic Dragon'. I don't have a copy and wouldn't have a clue where you could get one.

I remember when I was a kid going up to Jubilee oval on a Sunday arvo with my Dad and watching you, Billy Smith, Paul Mills, Barry Beath and Co, tranie in hand to listen to Frank Hyde and thinking I would love to follow in the footsteps of you blokes one day. I also remember kicking the ball back to Ted Goodwin down at Scarborough Park when he was practising goal kicking one day.

These are all fond memories of which I wonder if the local junior has these days.

Do you think the 13 import rule should have stayed around which may have kept loyalty and maintained the local hero???? Do you think today's administrators have got it a bit wrong and we need people with the calibre of a Frank Facer or Bullfrog Moore?

There's no Frank Facers or Peter Moores around but we could do with blokes like that.
Yeah there was a lot of loyalty in the old days and it did have to do belonging to the area. At one time you had to live in the area and then a few imports were allowed. Years ago you didn't play for the money you just played for your club but today they're playing for money so they just go where they're going to get more money and so there's not the same loyalty.

Old time Saint's fan from America
I grew up watching you, Reg, Billy, Johnny etc and still think you guys were the greatest team ever. Now that I live in the USA, I miss Saints but I have always wondered, were you trying to make a statement of some sort with the now infamous white boots?

No. I was not trying to make a statement but I wish I still had them - they'd be worth a fortune. I chucked them over a crossbar in England at the end of '75. I wore them because I was under contract to Adidas and Ken Irvine, who was working at Adidas, asked me to wear them. I was not compelled because of my contract but I felt obliged to wear them. It was a promotional stunt. Adidas wanted to have all of the teams wearing boots to match their team colours. I wore them to training for a few weeks before the grand final and they were the same as the black ones I always


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