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Memorable Matches From The Biff Era

(m11) AUSTRALIA -V- GREAT BRITAIN 1967, 3rd Test - Station Road Ground Swinton

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

AUSTRALIA -V- GREAT BRITAIN 1967, 3rd Test - Station Road Ground Swinton



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from Quigs "As mentioned previously, I am not a rugby league historian, a rugby league expert. I am just a lover of this era of Rugby League." ... This is a recollection of some of the battles, and the trench warfare that I, and others watched over time. Some are matches that I was told about, or read about.

MATCH SUMMARY 1st Aussie Team to retain ashes in UK Game played in snow after 21 tonnes of straw placed on surface

Australia went into the third test with their eyes on the prize - that being the first touring team to defend the ashes that they had won in 1963.

Great Britain had won the first test 16 -11. Gasnier had broken a bone in his leg, Dennis Manteit had been marched and Raper had suffered a depressed facture of the cheek.

The Aussies won the second test in London. Australia was brilliantly lead by stand in captain Gallagher. From match reports Ron Coote was brilliant in his debut test match. Australia won 17 -11.

Ron Coote about to be meanaced by Cliff Watson, with Johnny King in support.

(As reported in the History of Australian Rugby League)

Yet Australia's Third Test victory was even more meritorious. On a snow hardened Station Road Ground, Swinton, in conditions which suited Great Britain, Australia tackled with such committment that the British were restricted to a single try, scored in the last twenty minutes of the match. To counter the snow, the field was covered in 21 tonnes of straw. Snow fell during the match. With Raper as captain, Coote and Johnny King collected tries to se the Australians on their way to an inspired 11 - 3 victory. The third tryscorer was Branson, substituting for Brisbane's Johnny Gleeson, who went of with a broken jaw. Gleeson had been one of the unsung heroes of the tour, having played halfback in the 2nd test and five eight in the decider. In the final 10 minutes or so of "get squares" Noel 'Ned' Kelly, the tough rogue who played 25 tests for Australia was sent off after flattening Britain's best player of the series, Tommy Bishop, as Bishop chased his kick ahead.

( If you had time in the snow when this game was played or have some memories about this game, then why not share it with us all)


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