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Memorable Matches From The Biff Era

(m20) 1990 Brisbane grand final - Valleys v Norths

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

(m20) 1990 Brisbane grand final - Valleys v Norths



Get some more beers, or make another coffee, take your time and have some fun.

from Quigs "As mentioned previously, I am not a rugby league historian, a rugby league expert. I am just a lover of this era of Rugby League." ... This is a recollection of some of the battles, and the trench warfare that I, and others watched over time. Some are matches that I was told about, or read about.

MATCH SUMMARY Mayhem, altercations and coach Raudonikis - It was on for Young and Old

Posted by Quigs - Found this link 11/5/2012, to Talkin Sports Website
VIDEO LINK ... The Famous 1980 BRL GF BrawlThe Norths Devils won the fight and the game to shock favourites, the Souths Magpies, in the 1980 Grand Final at Lang Park..

Link Ref includes players .. 112,

Following a "tough as" semi-final series, it all boiled down to easy minor premiers and clear favourites Valleys going for their third premiership in a row, and the old-style Tom Raudonikis - coached Norths .... a side known for the biggest and roughest pack in Brisbane, trying to win their first premiership since the major upset 1980 win over the Meninga-Bennett Souths side.

All week the media and local fans speculated about whether Tommy would use the knuckle to unseat the Diehards in the decider. 3 weeks before the finals, Norths tried it at home against the boys in royal blue, and were soundly flogged 52-16.

A last-minute change to Norths by coach Raudonikis saw 17yo prop Mark Bevan relegated to the bench. This was the key. Referee David Manson had remained tight-lipped during the week when queried by the press whether he felt it would be "on" or not. He clearly looked a man under pressure as he blew time on .....

The devils kicked off deep towards the scoreboard end of Lang Park, with the kick-returner being hammered in a two-man special 5 out from his own line. Valleys hooker Bill Holmes took the next ruck up to be met the same, except Norths hooker Troy Evans let go a massive swinging arm and collected Holmes across the scone.

The next ruck was met by a 4-man reception committee, and as the Valleys player tried to play the ball, Norths 2nd-rower Paul Dinte stood over him. The Valleys players lashed out with the boots and Dinte immediately retaliated with a not-so-subtle knee.

Referee Manson instantly blew the whistle and physically separated the two players as they 'fronted up' to each other. 3 or 4 players from each side also joined in a push and shove with plenty of spoken word !!!

Feelings were clearly running high on-field, and the unbelieveably vocal pro-Norths crowd of about 15,000 bayed for Valleys, and now Manson's blood .........

After Valleys kick for touch, the tap was taken by Holmes and 5/8 Peter Coyne was smashed in a 3-man tackle. The next ruck saw the ball flung wide by Valleys, with Tony Catton the tackled man under 3 more Norths jerseys being given a short, sharp one to the gob by Devils half Neil Wharton.

From here, it was on .....

Catton immediately dropped the pill and retaliated into any Devils jersey he could see. Every player on the park immediately joined in, with some terrific match-ups by local hardheads. Wingers Peter Shields (V) and Brad Foster (N) put on one of the best sideline toe-to-toe dust-ups seen at Lang Park. Ziggy Strasser (V) and Paul Dinte (N) were going at it when Troy Evans cleaned up Strasser bigtime with a right hook that came from somewhere near Coffs Harbour and ended up in Gladstone !!!

Holmes (V) ironed out Evans straight away before Devils prop and local bouncer Scott McKay landed a fantastic right cross to Holmes nose. It was a bloody melee of viciousness and intensity not seen for years. Some of the older blokes in the crowd recalled a Wests-Souths blow-up back in 1970 as the only thing they've seen worse than this.

There was one hardcore group of about 10 players all swinging, all landing. Some 20 meters away Peter Elmore (N) and Frank Rolls (V) had totally lost their jerseys (ala Chris Close) in the middle of the field.

Referee Manson's whistle was being drowned out by a crisp loud and empassioned chant of NORTHS - NORTHS - NORTHS - NORTHS - NORTHS ..... from the crowd.

The atmosphere was electric, the thick as pea soup, and that good you wouldn't be able to cut it with a chainsaw.

After the 'softening-up' period, referee Manson held an en-masse caution, then called 3 players from each side out for a special chat. Make no mistake, that when this penalty also went the way of the Diehards, the crowd went ballistic !!!

As a sidenote, silvertails Valleys got away to a 10-0 lead midway thru the 2nd half before Norths hit back in emphatic fashion to lead 16-10 with 3 minutes to go. One lapse allowed Valleys to score and level before Peter Coyne slotted a field goal with one minute to go and lead 17-16.

A last-second equaliser slipped to the right of the posts for the Devils, and Tommy Terrific broke into tears as yet another premiership slipped thru his fingers.

The channel 9 commentators for this match were Rod Tiley, Bruce Warwick and Alan Thomas, and boy did they coin some classics ....

Rod Tiley (on the sideline) - "Someone said the call was Anzacs, someone else said it was 99. I heard neither one." "Talk about lighting the fuse, and an explosive start"
"Strasser's in there, and he's giving as much as he's getting" "Well, Holmes looks a little worse for wear, but the trainer's with him at the moment. I can't see any blood flowing which is a good sign. But boy, did he cop plenty."

Alan Thomas - "Shields going at Foster. Oooooh! Foster trying to line him up."
"Well, I might just sit right back here, Rod"
"Manson's called out Coyne, Holmes and Strasser for Valleys. And McKay, Wharton and Evans for Norths." "If Manson sends one, he could send ten."

A great grand final, a great knuckle, and a great day of rugby league .....


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