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Memorable Matches From The Biff Era


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from Quigs "As mentioned previously, I am not a rugby league historian, a rugby league expert. I am just a lover of this era of Rugby League." ... This is a recollection of some of the battles, and the trench warfare that I, and others watched over time. Some are matches that I was told about, or read about.

MATCH SUMMARY Easter Monday, April 1971.......Cronulla's First ever game at the SCG

FROM RUBGY LEAGUE NEWS April 17 1971 by Tom Goodman.


Match of the Day against the Might of South Sydney.
(Premiers 1967,68,70 and 71, runners up 1970)

Last Saturday at the Cricket Ground will be remembered as Cronulla-Sutherland's day -- even though South Sydney won the match 16 - 15.

Not only was it Cronulla's first ever match at the famous Cricket Ground.

It was their stout hearted performance against the Premiers in a stirring match, which League President, Mr W.G.Buckley, said when congratulating Tommy Bishop and his team, had been a 'tonic' to League.

Cronulla - a team of "character," with its mixture of proven experience and raw-boned newcomers tothe big time - had thoroughly deserved the applause from all around the arena as they trooped off at half time leading 7 -4.

They were deeply moved by the standing ovation accorded themby the ground Members when they came wearily back after a gruelling contest, having failed to achieve the miracle of a touch line conversion of a dramatic try in the closing minutes.

It was a great struggle- a match of sustained pressure. Souths trying everything they knew to break down the Sharks' plucky defence; Cronulla counter attacking and for some time in the second half having Souths penned in their 25 yard area.

Souths' defence stood up to the hammering.

The Sharks strong young shearer from Warren, Greg Allen, who had a hearty tussle with Souths' John Sattler in the Scrums, is tackled by lock Paul Sait. Sattler is behind Allen. No 10 is second rower John Macguire.

That was one of the most welcome features of this "tonic" match. The unflinching defence of both sides - a change from some of the games in which the art of scoring tries had been devalued by sloppy "tackling".

A such is was a six tackle success.

When I asked Souths Coach Clive Churchill what he thought of Cronulla's effort, the "Little Master" of other days, momentaritly shedding his smile of elation, said seriously, "Wonderful." He repeated, "Wonderful"

Churchill would have appreciated as much as anyone did, the work of present day "Little Wizard", stocky, red haired Tommy Bishop.

Bishop was the unforgettable master of ceremonies in this match, is such manner did he dictate his team's play, so that all their hopes seemed to rest on his sturdy shoulders.

There he was, dodging and sprinting, or throwing himself into the tackle.

At times fiery and indignent, at the crisis early in the second half when Souths had rushed on two converted tries, to lead 14-7, encouraging and cajolling. And his own work so creative - essentially creative and with a degree of deception.

He showed he was human, someone said, by dropping two successive balls in the second half, when Cronulla had the screws on Souths.

Ray Corcoran

But he came to light with those two magical passes, whipped out to right winger Ray Corcoran, which brought two shock tries, the second right "at the death" after Corcoran's electrifying dash of 80 yards in which he beat two men and held of Bobby Grants attempt to cover.

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