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Memorable Matches From The Biff Era

(m27) WEMBLEY CHALLENGE CUP 1980 - Battle of Hull

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from Quigs "As mentioned previously, I am not a rugby league historian, a rugby league expert. I am just a lover of this era of Rugby League." ... This is a recollection of some of the battles, and the trench warfare that I, and others watched over time. Some are matches that I was told about, or read about.

MATCH SUMMARY Battle of Hull Challenge Cup Final

Battle of Hull Challenge Cup Final.
Written by Hull KR fan: Jonathon Knaggs, the webmaster of the Official Hull KR website Click to visit.

May 3rd, Wembley 1980 is a day never to be forgotten. Probably remembered as the greatest moment ever in Hull KR's history not only was it our first Challenge Cup victory but to top things off it was our local rivals who fell at the hands off the mighty Hull KR. The clash of the giants was hailed by the national press as a "Hullava match" and a "HumberDinger".

After eight minutes, Roger Millward found touch 35yd from Hull's line, Watkinson tapped, Holdstock and Agar combined for Lockwood to take the third pass, he delayed his pass to perfection and sent big winger Steve Hubbard through a gap the winger rounded Pickerill and beat Bray and Woods to score 15yd in on the left. Hubbard missed the conversion, but straight after the try the referee awarded a penalty for a late tackle from Woods and a punch by Bray. Hubbard didn't miss this time and the score was 5-0 to Rovers after 10 minutes.

From the kick off, Wileman was given offside and Rovers had a penalty, Hall found touch, Lockwood and Holdstock drove the ball forward from the tap. Rovers worked a move with Agar and Millward getting Lowe moving but Wileman was severly cautioned after flooring Millward off the ball resulting in Millwards jaw being broken. Hubbard kicked the simple penalty to give Rovers a 7-0 lead.

In the 28th minute Hull got on the scoreboard, Wilby went over the line despite the presence of Casey and Hubbard, the conversion was missed and the score was 7-3. The next score was in the 40th minute, Watkinson, Casey and Holdstock drove solitary furrows into the Hull half and Agar and Lockwood sent Lowe racing into a two man tackle, Millward moved to acting half and from 30yds he dropped a goal with his left foot to make the half time score Hull KR 8 - Hull FC 3.

The next score was in the 51st minute when Lloyd kicked over a simple penalty to make the score 8-5. In the 75th minute Lloyd was penalised for obstruction when he held back Millward as he supported Casey and Hubbard kicked the penalty to make the score 10-5, the last five minutes were tense but Rovers confidence proved the better as the final hooter went, every Rovers player, supporter and coach jumped up with excitement, Rovers had won the Challenge Cup and to add to the excitement, they had done it by beating their city rivals which made it a lot more worthwhile.

Millward went up to collect the trophy, the roar from the crowd could have been heard back up in Hull, the parties where about to begin. The game ended a long wait for a Challenge Cup final appearance for the great Rovers players Roger Millward, Phil Lowe and Clive Sullivan. Two Rovers players went through the pain barrier, Millward played the last 65 minutes with a broken jaw and Lowe had pain killing injections in his shoulder before the start and at half time. But the final outcome was worth it for both players.

The week that followed saw massive parties throughout East Hull, a club within Hull KR was formed called the "10-5 Club". Whenever the score "10-5" is mentioned the 1980 final will be remembered.

Match Statistics

Tries: Hubbard.
Goals: Hubbard 3.
Drop-Goals: Millward.
Team: David Hall; Steve Hubbard, Mike Smith, Steve Hartley, Clive Sullivan; Roger Millward (c), Alan Agar; Roy Holdstock, David Watkinson, Brian Lockwood, Paul Rose, Phil Lowe, Len Casey. Subs: Phil Hogan, John Millington.


Tries: Wilby.
Goals: Llyod.
Team: Paul Woods; Graham Bray, Graham Walters, Tim Wilby, Paul Prendiville; John Newlove, Clive Pickerill; Keith Tindall, Ron Wileman, Charlie Stone, Charlie Birdsall, Sammy Lloyd, Steve Norton (c). Subs:Vince Farrar, Brian Hancock.

Venue: Wembley. Crowd: 95,000 (capacity).
Date: Saturday May 3, 1980.
Referee: Fred Lindop (Wakefield).
Lance Todd Torphy Winner: Brian Lockwood (Hull KR).
Note: Forward packs are listed from prop to loose forward.

Interview with Roger Millward

Cup heroes: Roger Millward

"It was every schoolboy's dream to play at Wembley in a Cup final and I thought my chance had gone" Roger Millward

To Roger Millward, the phrase "no pain, no gain" has special meaning.

The 1980 Challenge Cup final was just 15 minutes old when he broke his jaw.

Lesser men would have sought the safety of the changing room, but not Millward.

The Hull KR legend cleared his head and threw himself into the tackle just as enthusiastically as he always had.

His bravery brought its rewards: victory over city rivals Hull and a much-cherished winners' medal.

"As soon as I was tackled I knew the jaw was broken," he tells BBC Sport.

"The bone was out of place and I could feel it wasn't right. "Fortunately, a few seconds later, I went in to tackle Hull's Steve Norton and my jaw caught his knee.

"The impact caused my jaw to click back in place and I was able to carry on playing.

"My half-back partner, Allan Agar, did a great job for the next 20 minutes while I was recovering."

For Robins fans, victory over Hull in the 1980 final was especially sweet.

But for Millward, it was just a relief to be playing at Wembley.

"It was every schoolboy's dream to play at Wembley in a Cup final and I thought my chance had gone," he says.

"To play against Hull was even more special and quite a unique event.

"It provided for a terrific atmosphere during the week leading up to the match.

"I think I enjoyed the build-up as much as the game itself, but the atmosphere at Wembley was unbelievable, especially before kick-off.

"I went out for a walk on my own on the pitch about 90 minutes before the game was due to begin.

"Even though there were only about 30,000 spectators in the stadium, the hairs on the back of my head were standing up, such was the intensity of the atmosphere.

"As captain, I was the one who had to go back to the dressing room and steady the rest of the team.

"I was the one who had to keep calm and appear in total control, but I was so nervous I could hardly speak myself."

"I had the jaw wired up and intended to carry on, but I broke it again in an A-team match" Roger Millward

Millward's words of wisdom obviously had the desired effect.

Hull KR won the match 10-5 in front of a crowd of 95,000.

"We had a tremendous pack, with some very experienced forwards in Phil Lowe, Brian Lockwood and Len Casey," recalls Millward. "They set up the platform for our win."

The Challenge Cup final proved to be Millward's last.

"I had the jaw wired up and intended to carry on, but I broke it again in an A-team match," he recalls.

"That was the end but at least I got a winners' medal."


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