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I had the pleasure of witnessing this game first hand, as a spectator in the Sheridan Stand at the old SCG. tender age of 16.

It was a brilliant game, it had everything. It would be interesting to see the Old Rugby League Week front page again, as I remember they had several of the Sharks on the front page with a heading about something like the "Entertainers" have arrived.

I won't go into the details of the match ( I recommend that you read the Memorable Matches entry, click here)

What I will never ever forget about this game is the brilliant try Ray Corcoran scored in the dying minute of the game. He recieved a pass of Bishop and stepped around and through two or three close defenders.

Ray Corcoran

Ray was on the right wing, the western side of the SCG and running directly to where I was sitting. I had a perfect view of what was unfolding.

He had taken the pass near his own 25 yard line and was in full flight just in Souths half. He had offloaded the first line of defence and had only souths fullback Eric Simms in front of him.

He left Eric clutching at fresh air and only had daylight in front of him.

I thought, yes, under the sticks Ray, under the sticks......we are going to beat Souths....

Unbelievably Ray continued on his path to the corner. Grant was chasing him but he had no chance.

Everybody around me was yelling to and pointing to Ray to go around and plant it under the black dot. All the Shark players were pointing towards the SCG post. But no, what does bloody Ray do, he swan dives in the corner. He covered 80 yards to score in the bloody corner.

Needles to say, the conversion was unsuccessful and Souths got us 16 - 15.

Ray was a brilliant attacking player, he could not tackle his mother, but Bishop would designate some forward to cover for Ray in defence. He was too valuable to the team as a strike weapon to be dropped because of his defence. I believe Ray was the closest side stepper I had ever seen to the great Changa Langlands. Ray was up there with Corowa etc etc.

FOOTNOTE. I had the pleasure of meeting with Tommy Bishop at Emu Park in 1990. I mentioned this game to Tommy and asked him what was going through his mind when Ray was heading to the corner. Tommy said he couldn't believe it, but he was so tempted to hand the ball to Ray and tell him to take the bloody conversion attempt himself.

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