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Dennis Hartley, A Rugby League Hero and Hardman ...#

Dennis Hartley Rugby League Hardman, Hero and Legend. Dennis Hartley played for England, Castleford, during the Era of the Biff

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Played for England, Castleford,
Dennis Hartley played Rugby League for Australian Rugby League England, Castleford,

Where is he now?

Dennis Hartley sadly left us on 12th November 2019.

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Dennis Hartley Player Profile

Dennis Hartley International Front Row Forward joined Cas in 1966. A fearsome forward, Dennis played 268 times for Cas before joining the coaching staff. A truly loyal servant of the club.

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Player stats for Dennis Hartley , (if available)

-Dennis Hartley Rugby League Statistics - played with England, Castleford,, Era of the Biff

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1965 Challenge Cup Final - Hunslet v Wigan

Added 17-Nov-2013

Featuring This Player in 1965 Challenge Cup Final - Hunslet v Wigan ...

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... .. 107,86,95

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p95 - Dennis Hartley (30)Watson telling (32)Artie about Dennis Knee by Martin Lea UK

"What happened Cliff?" Cliff replied " You got in the way of Dennis's knee Artie" .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 05-May-2003

p95 - Dennis Hartley on 70 World Cup Final inc (51)Reilly by Martin Lea

"no,we need to keep our composure and not get drawn into dirty play,there is too much at stake. .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 19-May-2003

p51 - Malcolm Reillys thoughts on (p95) Dennis Hartley... by Martin Lea Castleford

1970 World Cup Final - the game went on it spilt into a blood - bath and Dennis decided to enjoy him.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 05-Dec-2003

p95 - Dennis Hartley and a get square Cas V Leeds 1970 by Martin Lea UK

Mick Clark a prop in particular - give the young lads a physical hidding.Dennis was incensed! .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 10-May-2004

p95 - Dennis Hartley comments on his selection 1970 Aus Tour by Steve of Nelson, NZ

only got on the 1970 tour when Wigan prop John Stephens broke his leg just prior to the 1970 Challen.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 17-May-2004

p95 - Dennis Hartley 69 Challenge Cup Final Castleford v Salford by Matt Dickens, Castlford

Within 2 seconds the Salford winger is layed out on the floor. 04 .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 18-May-2004

p95 - Dennis Hartley The Godfather by Richard Davies - Leeds

guiding the exceptional up and coming young forwards such as Malcolm Reilly .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 24-May-2004

p95 - Dennis Hartley enquiries by Son Richard Hartley

My Dad, Dennis Hartley, was the prop for Britain and I'm trying to get a copy for him .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 23-May-2005

p47 - John O'Neill (p95)Hartley - Memories from 1970 World Cup - Neil Buchanan

I always remember a story from John o'Neill about Dennis in the infamous 1970 World Cup final .... .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 17-Jun-2005

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